Register your students for the Fall 2021 Tour SD! Program!  

The Tour SD!: Exploring SD's Agriculture and History program is a creative approach to learning about the agricultural foundation and history of our state.

Students take a virtual tour of South Dakota, visiting 23 towns each year. State and local history and the basics of agriculture are covered through lessons, games, and hands on activities.

All content is based on South Dakota education standards as well as the National Agriculture Literacy Outcomes. The program is available for public and private schools, as well as other organizations that provide educational services and programs. The program is offered free of charge to South Dakota schools through sponsorships and partnerships with state and local organizations.

South Dakota Agriculture in the Classroom is hosted by the 501c(3) nonprofit, Groundworks/SDAITC and is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

You can implement the Tour SD! program at a pace that best fits your classroom – daily or weekly lessons throughout the semester and/or school year.